Hostinger Review 2023: Features, Pricing and More
Hostinger offers more hosting services including VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Email Hosting, Minecraft Server Hosting and more. These specialized hosting services allow users with special needs to host their website on Hostinger. For example, if you need a personal server or want to incorporate website design features like Python and Node.js, you can pay for one of our eight VPS hosting plans.

VPS Hosting
If you are looking for the best VPS hosting package, you will love Hostinger.
Hostinger offers eight VPS plans, giving you plenty of choice for your dedicated server hosting. It has multiple virtual private servers (VPS) across the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Lithuania, Brazil and the Netherlands to provide you with close servers and optimum website performance. You can also access data through its Network File System (NFS) and expand your server space with additional remote NFS.

Hostinger’s VPS plans will provide you with your own server, the latest Intel Xeon processors and terabytes of NVMe SSD storage, 512GB RAM and CPU power all within your control. You’ll also get full root access to install supported operating systems (OS), track your resources in real time and configure your server settings.
Because you don’t share server hosting, you can work on even resource-intensive projects.

In addition to the speed benefits you get from Hostinger VPS hosting, you have full-featured BitNinja server protection, built-in advanced DDoS protection, and dedicated IP addresses to keep your servers safe. You can also get automatic backups and manual live snapshots to restore your site in case of a failure.

Cloud Hosting
Hostinger offers cloud hosting that gives you more flexibility and speed. All Hostinger cloud hosting packages run on isolated virtual servers and can be upgraded to any online cloud server system worldwide.
With instant activation, you will access features on any of Hostinger’s three plans since they all come with a free domain name, automated backups and unlimited free SSL certificates for security.

With Hostinger cloud hosting plans offering you high-speed CPUs, large RAM and a built-in cache manager, you’ll enjoy fast website load speeds that improve user experience. Also, Hostinger takes care of the backend, including site monitoring, maintenance and server uptime 24/7, so you can better focus on getting your website running.

WordPress Hosting
WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for building and managing websites. Hostinger offers managed WordPress hosting and support from WordPress experts through its Single WordPress, WordPress Starter, Business WordPress and WordPress Pro plans.
All plans include free SSL certificates and access control. It also offers ecommerce optimization, Git integration, and free migrations from other web hosting services.

Hostinger WordPress hosting is powered by LiteSpeed, the fastest web server that offers speed optimization in combination with the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin. You will also receive automatic WordPress and security updates. If you opt for WordPress Pro, you can further improve site performance with PHP version control, SSH access, and MySQL database manager.
You can also use the WordPress testing tool to test new features added to your site.

Email Hosting
Hosting provides email hosting to its users for 99 cents per month. This service is separate from website hosting, so you can manage your mail server when setting up your website. You’ll love the built-in calendar and features like contacts, schedule, follow-up reminders, mail filtering, and importing emails and contacts.

Hostinger also offers email templates, multi-account support, read receipts and 30GB of email storage.
Companies can send messages using up to 10 aliases. You can also call our help desk at any time of the day.

Hostinger also integrates with Google Workspace to collaborate on messages, documents, meetings and tasks. Access basic email features, your own email address, smart compose and reply, grammar suggestions, unlimited email filters, and advanced security measures to protect your account from cybersecurity threats. You can also access chat messages, emails, voice and video calls on the same platform.

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